mast1222Standard and Value Policies

As a global Travel Management leader, we discharge our services in line with the 21st century business ethics which borders on respect, loyalty, accountability and confidentiality. Through our value system and rigorous standards and policies in place we are able to discharge this mandate as follows:


The Consultants:

  • Are certified and experienced travel professionals
  • Can be relied upon to offer a complete range of travel management services
  • Effective and efficiency in service provision to clients
  • Travel documents are always 100% accurate and “worry free”
  • Are committed to providing the best possible fares and value without compromising the service quality
  • Every client experience with us is very important
  • Are capable of resolving any complaint about our services.
  • Subscribes to confidentiality, accountability, respect and loyalty.
  • Our Code of Ethics is mainly expert professional assistance, quality service, through trained and experienced consultants, full of integrity for client’s satisfaction.


The Systems

  • Advanced computer systems with Galileo.
  • Effective communication system.
  • Effective and efficient internet connection.


Our Services

We offer our clients well-integrated, innovative and custom delivered packages of services enhancements-delivered with personal care and attention. We offer an extensive range of travel management services as follows:


Air Travel

  • Domestic, Regional and international


Travel Requirements

  • Provide information on customs regulations, required documentation (passports, visas, and certificates of vaccination), travel advisories, and currency exchange rates.


Land Transport Arrangement

  • Car rental, shuttle services, private transfers


Hotel transfers

  • Airport parking, Accommodation, Worldwide Hotel special rates, Local Key supplier’s agreements, Guest house and bed & breakfast establishments, Traditional and non-traditional accommodation


Insurance Arrangements

  • Annual corporate policies, Individual corporate policies, leisure policies


Customised inbound and outbound tours

  • Group and incentive travel



  • Consultants available 24/7 for any travel emergency including, cancelled flights, Flight changes, Lost baggage’s, Emergency accommodation (Hotel full)